Fundraising Tips for 2022

Sylvester Knox
2 min readDec 22, 2021


It can sometimes be challenging to know what trends will play out in the future fundraising arena. However, some trends can be identified early on, and it is advisable to note them so that fundraisers can best prepare for future fundraising campaigns. Here are the top fundraising trends for 2022.

Tech-Savvy Senior Donors

Technology is an integral part of today’s fundraising. From online donation sites to text messaging, fundraisers need to be technologically adept in dealing with their donors. Today’s senior donors are tech-savvy and, therefore, prefer a donation via a smartphone. This means fundraisers would have to ensure that their fundraising tools are accessible on mobile devices and capture all donations for later processing.

Social Media Fundraising

Since the early days of social media, fundraisers have understood the good that can be done with this medium. Today’s seniors are big on social media and would like to have a say in their communities via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Consequently, more fundraisers are using these platforms to engage with donors.

SMS Fundraising

SMS fundraising involves messaging donors via shortcodes on their cell phones. This means fundraisers can use their mobile devices to message donors about the fundraising and ask for donations. Fundraisers would need to ensure that they have a robust SMS platform capable of sending messages immediately after the fundraisers have left a message.

Email Marketing

Donors prefer to be communicated via email, and this is a great way for fundraisers to keep their donors up-to-date with their fundraising progress. Fundraisers should use email marketing software and ensure that it can be customized to the tastes of all their donors.

Digital Fundraising

Technology will be playing an even bigger role in the future of fundraising. Fundraisers would realize a big fundraising boost if they could use technology. This includes using virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.


With the trends listed above, it is clear that technology will be playing a big role in the future of fundraising. Therefore, fundraisers will have to ensure that they are ahead of the curve in technology.

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