Risk-Free Fundraising Ideas

Every organization that relies on donations has to find fundraising ideas that it can use to bring in money. Some do not want to invest too much in the fundraising work that they do, and there are risk-free options available for those people.

Set Up a Virtual 5K:

There are many virtual events that take place today, and they provide organizations with the chance to receive donations without actually putting on an in-person event. A virtual 5K gets people excited about exercising and can bring in good money for an organization.

Provide Online Teaching for a Low Cost:

If an organization has many knowledgeable people volunteering for it, some of those people might be asked to put on online classes to bring in donations for that organization. All kinds of skills can be shared online to raise money.

Ask for Donations and Put on a Sale:

There are people who are looking to part with gently used clothing, books, and household items. An organization can ask for such items and then put on a sale to bring in donations.

Put Together an Online Video Game Tournament:

An online video game tournament is similar to a virtual 5K, as it allows an organization to put together an event online and get people excited about competing and raising money.

Ask Supporters to Give Up Something They Regularly Spend on and Donate Instead:

An organization might put on a challenge for all of their supporters, asking them to go a week without something that they regularly purchase. Some might give up coffee and others might pack a lunch instead of going out to eat. Supporters will be asked to donate the money that they save by not making their usual purchases.

Use Social Media to Seek Out Help:

The more active an organization is on social media and the more followers that they have there, the more risk-free fundraising opportunities they will have available to them. Social media can be used to connect with supporters and bring in donations in a number of ways.

There are Options for Fundraising that Don’t Require a Big Investment:

With a little planning, an organization can raise money without investing a lot of what they have and risking losing that.

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Sylvester Knox is the President & CEO of the Knox Group Investment Advisory Firm | http://SylvesterKnox.org

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Sylvester Knox

Sylvester Knox

Sylvester Knox is the President & CEO of the Knox Group Investment Advisory Firm | http://SylvesterKnox.org

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